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Corporate commitment

Opportunities for your company to get involved

We support the people of Ukraine. This is done by means of material donations, which are carefully checked and sorted before being sent to Ukraine. Where possible, we also support aid centres in Berlin. We would like to invite your company to support our cause. What is needed to do this?

Capital goods

Warehouse, office and transport equipment is financed by material donations or temporary transfer of use, as well as Tentaja funding. 100% of monetary donations are used to fully finance the need-based purchase of relief supplies to be sent to Ukraine, as well as to cover the necessary logistics and transport costs. We look forward to working with your company in the field of capital goods, so that we can offer effective help in the long term.


As the founder of the initiative, Tentaja uses its knowledge of civil society commitment, as well as its voluntary work and its networks, to offer effective help. We look forward to tapping your team’s expertise in the sustainable development of structures. Warehouse management, procurement or fundraising – let’s talk about where your skills and expertise can help to provide even better support.

Material donations

The demand for material donations for the shipments of relief supplies is still great. Whether you make a one-off donation or provide specific items in the long term, we appreciate each and every contribution that allows us to continue to fill shipments of relief supplies on a large scale, and to supply the aid centres in Berlin on a permanent basis.

Corporate volunteering

Sorting, packing, loading, organising: only with many pairs of helping hands on-site is it possible to process the countless donations and deliver them to people in need in an organised manner.

You can either support us as a team or give individual employees the opportunity to get involved.

Monetary donations


100% of your donation will be used in our Ukraine appeal. We finance the purchase of needed relief supplies to be sent to Ukraine as well as covering the necessary logistics and transport costs. Donate now.

See this PDF for details of the individual options (in German). If you have any ideas, do not hesitate to contact us at