FAQs – frequently-asked questions about Spendenbrücke Ukraine

Do you have any questions about additional support services, routes, residence permits, accommodation, etc.?

The official point of contact for questions about additional support services, routes, residence permits, accommodation, etc. is LAF Berlin. Further information can be found on the official website of the City State of Berlin.

What is the ‘Pictures for Ukraine’ appeal?

Each box we send to Ukraine does not just contain urgently needed supplies – it is also full of solidarity and compassion. We would like to express these emotions, and invite you to fill our boxes with pictures conveying them.

Teachers, nursery school staff and amateur artists – here’s a new project for you and your classes!

Send your positive messages and pictures to us, and we will put them in our aid boxes. You can bring the pictures to any of the collection points listed on our website, with a note saying that they are for the ‘Pictures for Ukraine’ appeal. Or send them by post to

Spendenbrücke Ukraine
im Hangar 1
- Bilderaktion -
Columbiadamm 10
12101 Berlin

Questions about material donations

What can I donate?

Help from the heart – every clean and functioning donated item makes a difference*:

  • Equipment, technology and tools
  • Toys, books
  • Donations for storage and transport, e.g. large packing cases, Euro pallets, parcel tape, stretch film

*** Due to capacity limitations, we CANNOT ACCEPT items of furniture. ***

* Please understand that we can only accept items that are in a very good condition.

Faulty devices and torn or dirty items of clothing are not only unusable, they may also put those who we are trying to help at risk. These items will be removed and disposed of. Please help to reduce the resulting disposal costs by checking your donations before you send them to us. In this way, our volunteers can be deployed where they are needed most, and their time will be used wisely.

* Although it is a lovely gesture, please do not donate any wrapped gifts or packages. If we do not know what is inside a package, we will not be able to use your donation. Thank you for your understanding! Do you want to make a special gesture? See the FAQS to find out more about the “Pictures for Ukraine” appeal.

You can find a list of acute needs at the top of the page under donations in kind.

What happens to material donations?

Material donations are carefully checked and sorted, before being sent to Ukraine.

Where possible, we respond to requests for help from other aid agencies in Berlin, until they are assisted by other means.

What hygiene products are currently needed?

We need large quantities of hygiene products for the hygiene stand we have set up at the central railway station, so that we can support Ukrainians coming to Germany. The following list reflects what is currently needed. Please take all donations to the collection points listed on our website. DO NOT bring them to the central railway station.

We will be happy to accept products that are not on this list and add them to an aid shipment to Ukraine or elsewhere.

Hygiene and care

  • Toothbrushes for children and adults
  • Toothpaste
  • Razors
  • Shaving foam
  • Baby and wet wipes
  • Moisturiser and hand cream
  • Soap and shampoo
  • Deodorant
  • Lip balm


  • Toilet paper
  • FFP2 masks
  • Strong carrier bags
  • Disinfectant

Feminine hygiene

  • Tampons
  • Sanitary towels

For babies

  • Nappies (sizes S, M, X)
  • Baby food (mixes)
  • Baby lotion
  • Baby wipes

As always, if you can and want to contribute on a large scale (e.g. you have a truckload of donations), please tell us in advance by contacting anlieferung@spendenbruecke-ukraine.de. THANK YOU!

Questions about how donations are used

I am hosting some Ukrainian refugees. Can I request clothing and other donations?

First of all, thank you for your commitment and involvement! Please understand that we cannot organise donation distributions for individual people. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to do that. Please contact the official bodies – for example, the contact people in your district – or reach out to local associations for clothing, food parcels or aid packages. In Neukölln, for example, the association KUBUS organises donation distributions. Food banks also provide clothing.

Can I request relief supplies for my organisation?

At Tentaja, we want to make a contribution through Spendenbrücke Ukraine, to directly help those in and from Ukraine who are in need. In HANGAR1 we have the capacity, the space, and – thanks to our sister organisation Tamaja – the experience to effectively react to crises. However, our resources are limited.

We are currently using them to send aid deliveries on a large scale to Ukraine, and to relieve the existing and emerging aid centres in Berlin. In order to implement this effectively, we currently need all of our resources. Naturally, we are always looking for ways of increasing our output. We will announce these on our website in good time.

Questions about volunteering

I would like to work as a volunteer. Can I just turn up?

In order to process the numerous offers of help that we receive, we ask you to apply for a suitable Spendenbrücke Ukraine project via the FlexHero app. Simply download the app, register and look through the projects run by the organisation ‘Tentaja Soziale gGmbH’. Once you have applied for a project, you will receive all of the necessary information from our online crew.

Having problems with the app? Please contact engagierdich@spendenbruecke-ukraine.de.

I have applied to be a volunteer. Can my children come along and help too?

If your children are old enough to be able to actively help and you trust them to work in a fast-paced, sometimes chaotic environment, then we look forward to your children’s involvement. We are delighted to be able to introduce younger people to volunteering through Spendenbrücke Ukraine projects. It is important to know that you will be liable in case of doubt. We cannot take any responsibility for the supervision of minors on site.