Rapid aid for the people in Ukraine

War in Ukraine

Ein Spendenpaket der Spendenbrücke wird Bedürftigen in der Ukraine übergeben
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We support people in need who are affected by the war in Ukraine. To do this, we rely on volunteers, as well as material and monetary donations.


Here’s how you can help

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In the period until October 16, 2023 we don’t need any helping hands for our storage, because we are making space in Hangar 1 for the Komische Oper.  

From October 16 on we will be back in Hangar 1 and we are looking forward to every helping hand that will help us again, e.g. to sort and pack donations.  

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If you have any questions, please contact us helfen@spendenbruecke.de

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Material donations

Material donations are carefully checked and sorted, before being sent to Ukraine based on needs.

Where possible, we respond to requests for help from other aid agencies in Berlin.  

Until October 16, you can drop off your donations at a new address:  

Entrance container Hangar 2+3  

(as usual in the direction of the Spendenbrücke three archways further forward)  

Columbiadamm 10  
12101 Berlin  

Monday to Sunday, 24 hours/day

You can also send donations through the post or free of charge via ebay.spendensenden.de

what is currently needed?
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Cash donations

100% of all donations are used to provide aid as part of the Spendenbrücke (Donations for Ukraine) initiative.

These donations fund the purchase of essential goods and cover logistics costs as well as the organisation costs for Spendenbrücke.

Further questions? More information on donations.

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About Spendenbrücke Ukraine

We are based in HANGAR 1 at the former Tempelhof Airport, and want to keep the spirit of the Berlin Airlift alive. Spendenbrücke Ukraine (Donations for Ukraine) is an initiative run by Tentaja Soziale gGmbH in collaboration with DLRG-LV Berlin.

It is our reaction to the wave of solidarity and the numerous offers of help from the people of Berlin. We have created a hub that serves as a base for volunteers and where material and monetary donations to support those affected by the war in Ukraine can be accepted and processed. Read our mission statement.

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Any questions?


What can I donate?

Help from the heart – every clean and functioning donated item makes a difference*:

  • Equipment, technology and tools
  • Toys, books
  • Donations for storage and transport, e.g. large packing cases, Euro pallets, parcel tape, stretch film

*** Due to capacity limitations, we CANNOT ACCEPT items of furniture. ***

* Please understand that we can only accept items that are in a very good condition.

Faulty devices and torn or dirty items of clothing are not only unusable, they may also put those who we are trying to help at risk. These items will be removed and disposed of. Please help to reduce the resulting disposal costs by checking your donations before you send them to us. In this way, our volunteers can be deployed where they are needed most, and their time will be used wisely.

* Although it is a lovely gesture, please do not donate any wrapped gifts or packages. If we do not know what is inside a package, we will not be able to use your donation. Thank you for your understanding! Do you want to make a special gesture? See the FAQS to find out more about the “Pictures for Ukraine” appeal.

You can find a list of acute needs at the top of the page under donations in kind.

Can I request relief supplies for my organisation?

At Tentaja, we want to make a contribution through Spendenbrücke Ukraine, to directly help those in and from Ukraine who are in need. In HANGAR1 we have the capacity, the space, and – thanks to our sister organisation Tamaja – the experience to effectively react to crises. However, our resources are limited.

We are currently using them to send aid deliveries on a large scale to Ukraine, and to relieve the existing and emerging aid centres in Berlin. In order to implement this effectively, we currently need all of our resources. Naturally, we are always looking for ways of increasing our output. We will announce these on our website in good time.

I would like to work as a volunteer. Can I just turn up?

In order to process the numerous offers of help that we receive, we ask you to apply for a suitable Spendenbrücke Ukraine project via the FlexHero app. Simply download the app, register and look through the projects run by the organisation ‘Tentaja Soziale gGmbH’. Once you have applied for a project, you will receive all of the necessary information from our online crew.

Having problems with the app? Please contact engagierdich@spendenbruecke-ukraine.de.

What is the ‘Pictures for Ukraine’ appeal?

Each box we send to Ukraine does not just contain urgently needed supplies – it is also full of solidarity and compassion. We would like to express these emotions, and invite you to fill our boxes with pictures conveying them.

Teachers, nursery school staff and amateur artists – here’s a new project for you and your classes!

Send your positive messages and pictures to us, and we will put them in our aid boxes. You can bring the pictures to any of the collection points listed on our website, with a note saying that they are for the ‘Pictures for Ukraine’ appeal. Or send them by post to

Spendenbrücke Ukraine
im Hangar 1
- Bilderaktion -
Columbiadamm 10
12101 Berlin