Ein Lieferwagen der Spendenbrücke unterwegs in der Ukraine.

Monetary donations

100% of all donations are used to provide aid as part of the Spendenbrücke Ukraine (Donations for Ukraine) initiative. 

These donations fund the purchase of essential goods and cover transport and logistics costs as well as the organisation costs for Spendenbrücke.

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Bank details for monetary donations

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Tentaja Soziale gemeinnützige GmbH
Berliner Sparkasse
IBAN: DE45 1005 0000 0399 2656 00
Bank code: 10050000
Reference: Spendenbrücke Ukraine

For donations exceeding €300.00, please contact us using the following email address, providing your address and the donation amount so that we can issue a donation receipt: spendenbescheinigung­@spendenbruecke-ukraine.de

What are the monetary donations used for?

Spendenbrücke is a purely private initiative run by Tentaja Soziale gGmbH. That means we receive no state funding for our work.

The money you donate is used to buy the essential items that we cannot cover through donations in kind as and when we need them. By essential items we mean only civilian aid supplies. Moreover, your donations help us to target deliveries to our contacts in the Ukraine as they allow us to finance our own transport.

In addition, from 1 June 2022 onwards your donations help to cover the costs involved in organising the Spendenbrücke initiative. Until now, all of these costs had been covered in full by three private donors.

Organisation costs include a small team of full-time operations staff and expenses for office materials, insurance, telephone, Internet and related items, that is, all of the ‘other operating expenses’.

These expenses allow us to efficiently expand our structures long term so that we can support volunteers and carry out campaigns. As a result, we are able to continue to raise awareness of the help needed for Ukraine. These campaigns and PR work are simply not possible without your generous donations.

Every contribution helps to support the people of Ukraine and to continue to give them a voice.

Appeals & campaigns

Are you planning a charity event for the benefit of Spendenbrücke Ukraine? Contact us at presse@spendenbruecke-ukraine.de and we will be happy to send you our communication materials pack.

Corporate donations

The aim of Tentaja Soziale gGmbH is to bring together social stakeholders from the politics, business, culture, sport and education sectors, as well as a wide variety of social milieus, and to take joint responsibility for people in special situations. Our mission statement for Spendenbrücke Ukraine underlies our work. When working with companies, it is important to us that they also feel committed to humanity, sustainability and peaceful and respectful cooperation. Click here to read our mission statement.

Following your donation, you will receive a thank you letter, which you can indeed use for communication at company level. The use of the Spendenbrücke Ukraine logo is prohibited without our prior permission. Please contact us at the following address and provide your contact details so that the donation receipt can be issued and we can send you a thank you letter: spendenbescheinigung­@spendenbruecke-ukraine.de